Alan G.

Athletic Training Program

Crystal M. Lange College of Health and Human Services

As the first in my family to attend college, I have a huge responsibility to prove myself. Fortunately, I have some solid support at home.

I love sports and dealing with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Learning about athletic training from my high school trainer helped me decide to pursue a career in the field.

The moment I stepped on SVSU's campus I fell in love with it. Everyone was friendly and the campus was beautiful. It felt like I mattered to the faculty, and that made a big difference. Of course, the scholarships I received also influenced my decision. The support offered by SVSU made college very affordable, and I couldn't say “no” to an affordable education from a school with a good reputation.

Receiving scholarship support has created so many opportunities for me. If I hadn't received the scholarships I did, I wouldn't be attending SVSU right now.
After college I plan to work as a high school athletic trainer and to work my way up to be a head athletic trainer for a professional sports team. Receiving a scholarship made my college aspirations come true.