Jonah W.

Mechanical Engineering

College of Science, Engineering and Technology


As a student in high school I always excelled in math and science, so when it came time to choose an undergraduate degree I wanted to go with something where I could utilize those skills. I also enjoyed hands on work, so mechanical engineering seemed like the right degree for me.

I had my major figured out, but I still had to decide on what university I wanted to go to. The one choice that stood out was SVSU. After the first few months here I knew I made the right choice. I’ve made lifelong friends and I’m happy to call SVSU my new home.

Scholarship support has made coming to SVSU even better. I can focus entirely on my schoolwork and not worry about my finances. This has helped me to become the successful student that I am today. The great experience and opportunities SVSU has provided has influenced me in amazing ways.

After graduation I hope to give back to SVSU so another student can have as great of an experience as I had.