Bady D.

Management, Entrepreneurship, Communication

College of Business and Management

From the start, I always enjoyed being a leader and running things on my own. I was the kid that ran the lemonade stand and helped with every garage sale. I had the confidence and motivation to be successful, which led me to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, in the hopes of one day owning my own business.

Scholarship support has made it possible for me to attend SVSU, since I have no financial support from my family. Not only have the scholarships saved me thousands in debt, but they have also shown me the importance of giving back. It’s why I joined Forever Red, a student organization that stresses the importance of being an active alumnus. Through Forever Red, I have made many connections that will aid me in my future success and allow me to help other students and alumni. 

I was initially attracted to SVSU because my sister also attended college here. After seeing the opportunities she had, I felt that I could also be successful here. I trusted that feeling and haven’t looked back.