Kelcey Stauffer

I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. In high school, I had the opportunity to job shadow a nurse anesthetist, and that cemented my decision to get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I plan to continue my education, after working for a while, to become certified as a nurse anesthetist.

My hometown of Sandusky, Mich., is pretty small. When I transferred to SVSU from another university, Prof. Sally Decker reassured me that I would be successful in the nursing program.

I’m putting myself through school, so I work at Covenant HealthCare to help pay tuition and rent. Between my classes, my studies and my job, I’m busy all the time. But I love it here at SVSU. And I’ve been fortunate to receive scholarships that help ease the financial worries and give me more time to study. I’m so grateful for that support.

I’m Kelcey Stauffer. I’m going to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. And I want you to know, every gift counts.